Fixed price packages, for every room

Sundays in bed is the only interior design studio in Malaysia to offer fixed price designs, whilst still keeping things personal to you, no matter the size or budget you have

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Is it really fixed price?

Yes! We have established a framework in which we are able to virtually design your spaces according to your needs, without compromising on quality.

What about my budget?

Our services are charged as a consultation basis, and thus, we are able to keep the design and execution completely separate, allowing us to design your space according to the budget you have in mind, whilst giving you the flexibility you need to execute at your own time and needs.

What about the size of my space?

We believe that your home should feel like home, no matter the size. That's why unlike other studios out there, we do not charge by sqft but merely by type of room!

What if I live in a bigger space than 1 bedroom unit?

No worries, simply use 1 bedroom unit as your base and add the amount of rooms accordingly.

Do you offer installation services?

Our in-person design services offer a more comprehensive solution, tailored to your needs. Simply speak to our friendly team on your requirements.

What about renovation works?

Our renovation services are exclusively offered to condo units only, do speak to our friendly team on your requirements.