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Design service

How are your services different to the interior design studios out there?

We specialise in creating homes that you can proudly call your own. We do not offer template-based designs nor do we offer interior drawings for landed renovations, what we offer is somewhere in-between: the new approach to design, the modern era of what it means to have your home designed.

It is a new and affordable way to a beautiful home, exclusively based on your individual needs, nothing less and nothing more. We have made it straightforward and affordable, proving you don't need a huge interior design budget to have the home of your dreams. For a detailed comparison, click here.

Which locations does your service cover?

We currently design and deliver to Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and within the Klang Valley. We are working hard to expand our reach so do stay tuned for updates on our expansion.

Do you offer in-person service or site visits?

Site visits in the Klang Valley can be arranged. Please let us know your requirements and we will arrange this for you.

What will I get from the design package?

Each package will include different offerings- you can compare them and find the right fit for you here

When should I engage with your service?

We recommend coming to us after the renovation or wet works are done (if any). The time in which it takes to complete the project varies according to each project and timeline but on average, it can take between 3-8 weeks.

How much will it cost to furnish my home after the design process?

Our designers will discuss your ideal budget range from the start and allocate it accordingly. You will see the exact amount it costs to furnish your home according to everything that is specified in your shopping list.

Can you implement existing furniture that I already have?

Absolutely! We can put a scheme together that factors in important pieces you already own and wish to keep.

I don't have floor plans, can you work with images of the room?

We can work with a hand drawn sketch but would still need some measurements to ensure we provide you with the best layout. Alternatively, you can arrange for a site visit and we'll take care of this for you.