Simple tips for a refreshing night's rest sleep

Simple Tips for a Refreshing Night's Rest

Sleeping well is vital for our wellbeing as it restores the body, refreshes the mind and helps to boost the immune system. I know I sleep far better when Iā€™m not too hot, so here are my go-to changes for sleeping soundly.

1. Prioritise Breathable Fabrics

When it comes to slumber, your choice of bed linens matters. Opt for bedding made from natural, breathable fabrics like pure cotton, linen, or silk. These materials not only feel luxurious but also allow your skin to breathe, helping you stay comfortably cool all night long.

Linen bedsheets

2. Embrace Light Layers

Transform your bed into a summer oasis by layering with finesse. Consider adding pure white cotton bedspreads to your sleep haven. These versatile pieces can act as cozy blankets on cooler nights and elegant top sheets when paired with light covers. The result? A bed that's as visually inviting as it is comfortable.

3. Master the Art of Cooling

Maintaining a cool sleeping environment is key to restful slumber during hot nights. Draw your curtains closed during the daytime to block out the sun's heat. And don't forget the simple yet effective trick of letting fresh air in. Crack open windows slightly at night to ensure a gentle flow of cool air and keep your bedroom feeling crisp and revitalizing.

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