How To Find The Perfect Rug For Your Living Room

How To Find The Perfect Rug For Your Living Room

Finding the perfect rug size for your living room is crucial to achieving the right balance between functionality and aesthetics. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to ensure you select the ideal rug dimensions for your living room.


What rug size works best for my living room

1. Measure Your Living Room

Measure the room

  • Measure & record the length and width of your living room.

Define the seating area

  • Determine where your seating area will be within the room.
  • You can use masking tape to mark out the position on the floor. This is a quick & easy way to see how it looks in-situ.
  • Measure this space to guide your rug selection.

Leave adequate space

  • Ensure there is at least 1’ of exposed floor between the rug and walls. This further anchors the layout & prevents it from looking like a wall-to-wall carpet.

    How to measure for a living room rug

    2. Consider The Different Room Layouts

    Open concept living rooms

    • Rugs are a great way of zoning open spaces into different functional areas without physically creating a barrier.

    Small living rooms

    • A small living room can appear more spacious with the right rug size.

    Large living rooms

    • Use oversized rugs to fill spaces.

      Which rug size works best for my living room3. Find The Right Rug Size

      Rug sizes are determined based on the size of your furniture and your room in general. We want to avoid it looking to small or too big for its area, so we've included a few common scenarios that may occur in your home. Save it & use it as a template base for your living room.


      Tips for selecting the ideal area rug

      4. Designer's Tips


      • For small & medium areas, the front legs of the sofas and chairs should sit on the rug.
      • For a much larger room, opt for a rug that is large enough to contain all four legs of sofas, chairs, coffee tables or side tables.
      • Leave at least 6” of rug space on each side of the furniture.

      Layering rugs

      • Layering rugs is an art form on its own to added texture and depth.
      • Combine different rug sizes and styles for a unique look.

      Rug patterns and colours

      • Match or contrast rug colours with your overall decor, this can influence the room's ambience greatly.

      Maintenance tips

      • Learn how to care for your rug to ensure longevity and beauty, rug websites would usually include a care guide for your rug.
      • Consider adding rug padding for extra safety and comfort.

        Rug size and room layout considerations

        Selecting the perfect rug size for your living room is a crucial aspect of interior design. By following the steps and considering the factors mentioned in this guide, you can transform your living space into a cozy and stylish haven that reflects your personal style and preferences. Don't underestimate the impact of the right rug – it can truly tie the room together.


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